That Chocolate Weight Loss Study? Yep, It’s Fake.

(Image credit: Regina Yunghans)

Did you read an article in the past few months about how chocolate can help you lose weight? We’re sorry to report that the study showing chocolate’s effectiveness as a weight loss aid was a hoax.

Who would do such a thing?

Journalist John Bohannon, that’s who. Now before you get up in arms about being led astray, here’s why Bohannon spread such a deliciously untrue health study.

Bohannon, who is a PhD and journalist, publicized the false study to show how easy it is for bad nutritional advice and science to spread throughout the media. While Bohannon actually did conduct a study and write it up in a seemingly formal way, he notes that journalists covering these topics should know how to evaluate whether or not a story is legitimate.

NPR spoke with Bohannon and has more details on just how widely the fake study spread.