Turn Your Empty Cans into Storage for Kitchen ToolsHGTV

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First things first: Find some canned goods with really cool labels…

We keep our tongs, spatulas, spoons, and whisks jammed into a utensil holder next to the stovetop, but this would be a cute way to free up some counter space and add a homey touch to a kitchen.

You could pick some old-fashioned fruit filling cans like these for more of a country look, or line up a bunch of red and white Campbell’s soup cans for graphic, Andy Warhol-inspired storage. To be honest, buying up canned goods for this DIY project is probably no cheaper than some hanging baskets you could find at IKEA, but the effect is much more colorful and creative.

The instructions, below, aren’t very extensive, but we’re assuming it wouldn’t be hard to drill a hole through the back of a can and screw it to a piece of wood. One catch: You should use a clean-edged can opener like this one so that the open tops aren’t sharp and dangerous.

Get the instructions: Tin Can Tool Storage, at HGTV

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(Image: HGTV)