Turn Tic Tac Containers Into Spice Storage

(Image credit: Skruben)

In the past we’ve talked about taking spices with you on road trips and backpack or camping adventures. It is the number one way to make road food taste like it came straight from your kitchen (especially if you make custom blends). And here’s a way to keep them safe and sound in this oh-so-identifiable breath mint container.

The idea of taking small seasonings or even custom blends along with you when you’re cooking on the road is a good one, but buying a whole new spice pantry isn’t. These Tic Tac containers are a perfect thing to repurpose as they hold a small amount and seal super well. The same snap-tight lid that keeps mints from falling all over inside your purse will be the same one that keeps your homemade taco seasoning inside your camp box.

Although the idea of eating 15 containers of Tic Tacs might not sound appealing, just ask friends or family to save them for you. Before you know it you’ll have an on-the-go spice rack for all to envy. Just heading out for a night or two? Pick your favorites and toss them in your backpack!

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(Image: Skruben)