Time to tackle the turkey

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

To brine or not to brine is the question for some cooks, while others are just looking for a way through their first time hosting such a large event. There’s just so many takes on how to cook the Thanksgiving turkey.

With some help from Bryant Gumbel, Martha Stewart brined her turkey. Martha’s also pushing cheesecloth and white wine to get that lacquered turkey look. (I just might try that this year.) Meanwhile, Epicurious offers a Gourmet recipe they promise is “the simplest roast turkey” but if that simply won’t do for you, they have 66 other roast turkey recipes to browse. The turkey is served roasted, fried or in meatballs over at The Food Network. The government, The Leonard Lopate Show, and of course big, bad Butterball have their thoughts trained on turkey too.

It’s overwhelming.

In the midst of all this over-stuffed blather, don’t miss two pieces of common-sense Thanksgiving advice coming out of Brooklyn, home of one big bridge and thousands of small kitchens.

#1 Measure your oven & make a list: If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, A-Train reminds everyone to gather up extra silverware, extra paper towels and lots of heavy cream. A-Train and Ann encourage everyone to buy a roasting pan, but measure the oven first. Smart! Visit Grocery Guy to see the full list.

#2 Remove the bones: The Brooklyn Kitchen shop suggests removing the bones from your turkey before you cook it “allowing the bird to cook faster, and bringing the stuffing within to a safe temperature before the bird dries out,” they say. Boneless, even a heavyweight turkey could squeeze into an apartment-sized oven. The Brooklyn Kitchen will demonstrate how to remove the bones from your Thanksgiving turkey this Sunday at 5 p.m. at their store, 616 Lorimer Street in Brooklyn. Like Martha, The Brooklyn Kitchen advocates brining, but in keeping with New York City’s pickle trend, they will be brining their boneless turkey in McClure’s pickle juice. Hmm.

Any more turkey tips? Do you plan to brine or use another one of these trendy recipes? The big day is less than a week away.