Turkey in Two Hours: What’s the Deal With the NuWave?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We have an odd fascination with as-seen-on-TV gadgets, and this time of year the NuWave and its promises of fast turkey roasting are everywhere. What’s the NuWave oven, and can it really cook a turkey in two hours?

The NuWave is basically a countertop oven that uses three kinds of heat: Conduction, convection (circulated hot air), and far infrared – which is basically gentle radiant heat.

These three kinds of heat combined supposedly give you a much, much faster cooking time. The NuWave’s material claims to let you bake, fry, broil, steam, barbeque, dehydrate — all without pre-heating or defrosting — and also to let you cook food 50% faster than conventional ovenswith 85% less energy too.

Also, the base unit holds up to a 10-pound turkey, and you can buy an extender that will let the gadget accomodate up to a 16-pound bird.

So, what’s the deal with this magic oven? If it’s so great, why don’t we all have one in our kitchens? The site Infomercial Ratings gives some seriously mixed reviews to the NuWave. These mixed reviews range from cook times being seriously longer than the ones advertised (longer than stovetop cooking, even) and also many, many reports of the plastic dome cracking after a short time of use.

Others, though, rave about the oven and how quickly it cooks chicken breasts and steaks, even straight from the freezer.

We’re predisposed to look disapprovingly on giant gadgets that take up a lot of counter space and try to replace a normal kitchen appliance. But maybe this is a good option for those of you in tiny efficiency apartments with no kitchen?

What do you think – NuWave oven? Have you tried it? Have you ever cooked in a turkey in one?