The Innovative $18 Tupperware Mixing Bowl That Simplifies Meal Prep, Cuts Cleanup Time, and Saves So Much Cabinet Space

published Feb 12, 2024
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Credit: Richard Seymour/Getty Images

If you bake often, then you know how easy it is for baking supplies to add up. Speaking from experience, I have no less than 12 bowls in different sizes, colors, and makes. Even though I use them for different purposes, I’m well aware that I should probably find better storage or narrow them down sooner rather than later. Fortunately, there are more than enough types from nesting bowls to stackable sets. Another option I hadn’t considered was found at Tupperware, a brand known for high quality and clever kitchen storage solutions.

While known for lidded storage, Tupperware has caught the attention of Kitchn editors for products like microwave popcorn poppers, produce containers, and quick breakfast makers. One item I’ve had my eye on that would solve my big bowl problem in an instant —and free up a ton of space in my kitchen cabinet — is the Ultimate Mixing Bowl.

What is the Ultimate Mixing Bowl?

Tupperware’s Ultimate Mixing Bowl is more than what it seems. For starters, in addition to a 3.5-liter bowl, the set comes with a splash guard and seal. You can use the bowl as a standard mixing bowl, or pair it with the splash guard for mess-free hand mixing. The splash guard lid even has a strainer opening that allows you to drain liquids off of pasta, fruits, and veggies with ease. With the seal, you can even toss all of your ingredients into the dishwasher-safe bowl, cover it up, and give it a good shake to mix them well. In total, the Ultimate Mixing Bowl can be used for mixing, whisking, marinating, straining, kneading, storing, and serving.

Credit: Tupperware

Though you get a ton of great features with the basic Ultimate Mixing Bowl set, you can take it even further with other compatible Tupperware accessories. The splash guard has smart rims on the underside that fit onto smaller bowls, and its opening is just the right size for the brand’s All-in-One Shaker Cup. What I found to be most impressive is that the Ultimate Mixing Bowl can be paired with the All-in-One Mate, a handy kitchen gadget set that includes tools for zesting, juicing, straining, measuring, grating, and egg separating.

With or without the extra accessories, there’s no denying that the Ultimate Mixing Bowl is a great place to start when it comes to reducing kitchen clutter without sacrificing efficiency. Best of all, it’s under $20!

Buy: Ultimate Mixing Bowl, $18 (normally $21)