Tupperware Just Dropped the Most Stylish Retro Collection, and This May Be Your Last Chance to Get It

published Sep 6, 2023
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When it comes to your kitchen, there are tons of pieces you can buy to beautify your space — beyond changing major things like the color of the cabinets or the style of the kitchen table. You can actually make a substantial impact with the small things, like snagging a $40 tea kettle that comes in a gorgeous matte, pastel color; or switching out your old fry pan for one that comes in a stunning hue, like this option from GreenPan. But, what if I told you that you could think even smaller, and still enhance your kitchen when it comes to style and function?

Food containers aren’t typically what one would think of when it comes to fashionable kitchen items — I’m sure we’re all familiar with the standard clear plastic ones that are a total eyesore. But with how much action they see during day-to-day life, having them be just as pretty as they are useful can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Lucky for us, Tupperware just released a brand new retro-inspired collection that’s perfect for fall (and beyond).

Tupperware, which announced in April that it was struggling financially and may go out of business, has been a longtime household name for a good reason — with the right care, the high-quality plastic can last for a lifetime, according to Chiara DeLeonibus, former Product and Culinary Expert at Tupperware. In an interview with The Kitchn, she said, “That’s why people pass down Tupperware from generation to generation, or why we frequently hear the slogan, ‘Give me back my Tupperware.’ Most of the time, high-grade plastics like these last as long as you respect them.”

But even though the brand is a classic, they have continued to create new products that are more innovative and stylish than the last. Case in point: The retro-chic collection, which gives the aura of vintage Tupperware (which can actually go for a decent amount) but with all the benefits of brand-new Tupperware.

Credit: Tupperware

Including red, mint, and yellow pieces with white lids, the Get-It-All Set really lives up to its name. It includes 2 1/2-cup, 7 1/4-cup, 10-cup, and 12 1/2-cup containers that stack on top of each other, as well as a set of two 1 3/4-cup square round containers. There are also four refrigerator bowls with spoons, a Snack-Stor container, two Square Round 3 1/2-cup ones, and (last but not least) a set of four 1-cup bowls. You’ll definitely have all your bases covered in one go.

But, if you don’t need to do an overhaul of that level, you can also choose a smaller set. You might want just the stacking canisters for $39, or maybe the two square round small containers for just $14. There are a few other options to pick from depending on your needs — and all of the sets are just as space-effective as we’ve come to expect from Tupperware. While we hope the 77-year-old company continues to thrive for another 77 years, it’s best to snag the vintage-inspired collection while you still can!

Buy: Retro Chic Get-It-All Set, $119