This Game-Changing Tupperware Find Keeps My Fruit Fresh for Twice as Long (I’m Buying Two More!)

published Apr 30, 2024
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someone holding a bowl of strawberries
Credit: Samantha Bolton

As much as I love strawberries and raspberries, I don’t always get a chance to eat them all right away after I buy them. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the disappointment that comes with getting the timing wrong, and opening up the plastic container to find an overripe, moldy mess. It feels like such a waste to toss the whole thing out. In fact, to avoid the situation altogether, I started limiting my fruit intake to almost exclusively smoothies, opting for those frozen fruit packages from the grocery store instead.

As great as smoothies are, nothing really compares to fresh fruit — especially during the summer months, which are almost here. That’s why I’m so glad that I stumbled upon Tupperware’s FridgeSmart fruit container just in time. The iconic food storage brand (although they’ve expanded their offerings to also include gadgets and cookware) has a collection designed to solve the aforementioned problem. Lucky for me, Tupperware’s claim that the design keeps “produce fresher, longer” is absolutely correct. Read on to find out how I put the medium-sized one to the test.

What Is the FridgeSmart Medium Container?

This isn’t your average food storage container — Tupperware worked with food scientists from the University of Florida on the research that went into these clever pieces. The built-in ACE (Atmosphere Controlled Environment) system, according to the brand, creates the “optimal” environment to preserve produce’s freshness. A three-way venting system achieves that, balancing the amount of oxygen that enters the container and the amount of carbon dioxide going out. You can choose between three settings to adjust airflow, and the printed-on chart tells you which one is best depending on the food. ​The medium container, in particular, has a capacity of 1.75 quarts.

Why I Love the FridgeSmart Medium Container

To truly put the FridgeSmart to the test, I dumped half a carton of strawberries in it, while leaving the other half in the original container. I also bought two cartons of raspberries, and left one alone while the other went in the FridgeSmart container. On their own, strawberries and raspberries usually start molding after five days or so, so that’s exactly how long I left them in my fridge before checking out the results. Before getting into my findings, though, it’s worth noting that this container is a much more space-efficient method at storing produce, as opposed to the flimsy store-bought containers. The durable plastic makes stacking them easy — which is one reason why I’m ready to grab other sizes, too.

Credit: Morgan Pryor
Left: Strawberries and raspberries in the Tupperware FridgeSmart container five days after purchasing. Right: Strawberries in the store-bought plastic container five days after purchasing.

The airtight lid snaps on so securely that it takes a little bit of force for me to pry it off, but it’s totally worth it after seeing the results. (Pro tip: Double check that you’ve fully snapped the lid shut.) After leaving it on the middle vent setting for five days, my strawberries and raspberries showed no signs of mold. In fact, they looked almost as firm and fresh as the day I bought them. The strawberries in the original packaging, as pictured, were already looking worse for wear. Somehow, both containers’ raspberries looked similar — I guess I got a particularly good batch at Trader Joe’s — but they felt slightly less mushy in the FridgeSmart. 

Now, 10 days in, only two strawberries in the FridgeSmart went bad. The rest of them and the raspberries appear totally fine, while the ones in the original containers were totally inedible and covered in fuzz. All in all, I count that as a major win, and I plan on taking advantage of this gem all summer long.

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