This Easy-to-Use Gadget Keeps My Knife Blades Razor Sharp — and It’s $40 Off with Our Exclusive Discount Code

updated Mar 6, 2024
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Knives are one of my favorite things to test and review for The Kitchn, but one thing about knives is that no matter how well you hone them and try to take care of them, they’re going to get dull after repeated use. (Or when your roommates run them through the dishwasher, leave them in the sink, or use them to saw through cardboard boxes.) When they do, you have a few options: You could either send them out to get professionally sharpened or you can sharpen them yourself, either with a whetstone or a pull-through/electric sharpener. 

Sending them out to get sharpened is probably your best bet, because you know they’ll have a razor edge when they come back, and there’s no work to be done on your end, but not everyone wants to pay for that or be without their favorite knives for a spell. Pull-through and electric sharpeners will work, but they’ll eat away your blades super quickly — which is okay, I suppose, if you’re fine with buying more grocery store knives on a regular basis. However, for any knife you care about, you should try to use more precise methods of sharpening. 

Whetstones are your best bet for at-home sharpening, but these have a pretty hefty learning curve for beginners and are a little tricky to master. (That’s why there are professional knife sharpeners.) So, when I heard about the Tumbler Diamond Rolling Knife Sharpener Set, which promises to be gentle on your blades and easy to use for beginners, I was excited to test it out. (And, The Kitchn readers can score an additional 10% discount using code KT10 at checkout!)

Quick Overview

A Quick Look At the Tumbler Diamond Rolling Knife Sharpener Set

  • Easy-to-use design geared toward novices 
  • Sharpens traditional and specialty blades
  • Magnetic locks to keep your blades at 20° and 15°
  • Allows you to more easily control pressure when sharpening 
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Nice packaging that makes for a good gift

Design Features That Stand Out 

The first time I saw this rolling knife sharpening system was in an ad that got served to me on Instagram, and while I thought it was a little strange at first, after testing it, it turned out to be a pretty solid knife sharpening system that I think would be great for beginners. You basically just attach the knife to the angled base using the embedded magnets, then roll the sharpening wheel along the side. This way, you don’t have to worry about guesstimating the correct angle like you would using a whetstone, and you can use a softer touch than you would with a pull-through sharpener, resulting in less overall metal loss. The rolling action is super smooth, and the magnets on the base are strong enough to hold your knife in place at the correct angle while you’re sharpening. I love the wooden finish, too, and since I also got the Tumbler Rolling Sharpening Protective Stand, it all stays organized in a neat little station. 

Credit: Ian Burke

How It Performed 

The TL; DR on this setup? It worked pretty well! I have a double-sided synthetic whetstone that I’ve used for years, but the Tumbler is admittedly a lot faster. It also takes much less thought than a whetstone, since you don’t really have to worry about getting the correct angles. For the sake of the article, I dulled one of my knives on purpose, and while it broke my heart to scrape the edge along the back of a fork, the Tumbler Diamond Rolling Knife Sharpener Set had it back to a very sharp edge in just a few minutes. Credit where credit is due! 

Credit: Ian Burke

What We Loved 

  • Ease of Use: Right out of the box, the Tumbler is ready to go. The instructions are super easy to follow (they don’t even have words, just pictures that resemble IKEA building instructions) and if you can use a pull-through sharpener, you can handle this setup. 
  • Design and Style: This sharpening system has a unique design that looks good sitting on a desk or countertop, especially when you use the accompanying Protective Stand
  • Actually Works: It’s not just a gimmick — I have to say, this thing got my knife really sharp in a shockingly short amount of time. While I still think I’ll be breaking out my whetstone on my favorite blades, for the knives I reach for on a daily basis, this might be my new go-to sharpening method. 

Good to Know 

This does take a little practice to get the hang of, but not nearly as much as a whetstone. And, while you probably won’t get your knives as sharp as a professional sharpening or a whetstone would, it’s a great option if you know you’re not going to be learning the craft or spending the money on a sharpening service. Pro Tip: Take your time when you first get started and don’t roll the sharpening stone back and forth like a maniac — that’s when you could end up hurting yourself, so use common sense and be careful when dealing with sharp objects. 

Should YOU Buy the Tumbler Diamond Rolling Knife Sharpener Set?

I think this is a great knife-sharpening option if you:

  • Like the process of sharpening knives
  • Care about your blades’ longevity  
  • Aren’t willing to spend money on professional sharpening 
  • Don’t plan on learning how to use whetstones

Where to Buy 

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