Try This! Salt Roasting

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Beyond salt roasted potatoes, a local specialty I tried while in college in Syracuse, NY, I don’t have much experience with salt roasting. I supposed I assumed whatever was roasted would end up, well, really salty. Naive mistake! As the LA Times points out, salt roasting is an easy and essentially fool proof way to add flavor and gently roast whole fish, chicken, steak, lobster and yes, even potatoes.

Salt roasting requires no more than a big box of salt and a baking tray. The key is in how the salt regulates the temperature — it means whatever is roasted will be more gently cooked and any moisture released will allow the salt to generate steam as well.

Now, don’t go throwing anything in a dish with salt and roasting it — some meats like chicken and pork do much better with a good searing first. Read on below for recipes and tips.

Do you salt roast?

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(Images: Joanna Miller)