Try This Refreshing Plum Spritzer with Ginger and Lime

(Image credit: Sasha Swerdloff)

If you, like me, have a mild obsession with plums — I average four a day this time of year — then you’re going to love this fizzy, refreshing drink. It puts plums at the forefront, with fresh ginger and lime leaf to back it up.

To make this non-alcoholic spritzer, you blend plums, ginger, lime leaves, sugar, and water in a blender and purée everything until it’s smooth. Then you strain out the pulp, pour the remaining plum purée into glasses, and top with soda water.

With the aromatic ginger and lime leaves, the sweet plums, and the bubbly soda water, this drink really has everything going for it. If you’re missing the booze in this drink, by all means, spike away — vodka or gin would be great additions!

Get the Recipe: Plum Spritzer with Ginger and Kaffir Lime from Tending the Table