Spaghetti in a Ring: Shape Your Pasta Before Serving?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do I need to give you a minute to analyze the photo above? Go ahead, take a few. I did! Pasta is pretty straightforward when it comes to serving, but this trick gives pasta a new look and shape. I think. I’m still a little confused.

While searching out tasty pasta recipes this week I came across this photo above. There I sat, a little puzzled, a little confused and I wasn’t really sure what to make of things. It’s spaghetti — in a ring. My senses were confused and yet I didn’t shy away.

How does it work? You cook your pasta as usual and then toss it in cold water. Next, toss with melted butter and place it in a ring mold or bunt pan. Next, you simply chill (to set the butter) (it can even be made a day ahead if you need to).

A sauce of your choosing is prepared and placed inside the ring and perched on top. You can cut slices and serve in a whole new fashion. What do you think about the idea? Are you in favor of, yet as confused as I am, about the whole thing? Or does this look like a god idea? Share your thoughts below!

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(Image: James Carrier for MyRecipes)