Try This Time Saver: Baked Potatoes In The Slow Cooker

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In the past we’ve talked about several favorite ways to cook a potato to baked perfection. Well surprise, surprise, there’s a new method on the block and it involves zero effort and you don’t even have to be home while it cooks. Boo-yah!

We checked in with Cindy over at Skp to my Lou who made mention of this super simple baked potato method. Try this “set it and forget it” method that you can prepare before you even walk out the door for work.

Like other methods, this one involves wrapping your potatoes in foil. (You could add butter or a bit of salt for some kick, but this trick isn’t about the seasonings.) Next, put your slow cooker on low and let the potatoes cook for roughly eight hours. When you’re ready, so are they!

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