Try This: Feta Fries

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You’ll have to excuse the silly snapshot. Our feta fry dinner (yes, dinner) was thrown together and quickly devoured at approximately 10 p.m. following a very long day. We usually appreciate somewhat more balanced Quick and Easy Weeknight Meals, but as a once-in-awhile treat, a plateful of fries, sweet potatoes, and feta cheese really hit the spot.

We first tasted this combination of hot fries tossed with crumbled feta and oregano at a local Greek festival, though we’re not sure whether it’s native to Greece or a stateside invention. Fried potatoes are satisfying to begin with, but salty, creamy feta takes them to a whole new level. For our version, we also added sweet potato fries for a boost of color and flavor (and perhaps nutritional value).

In addition to the potatoes and cheese, all it takes to round out the dish is a sprinkle of dried oregano and an optional squeeze of lemon. No recipe required, but here are a couple in case you’d like a guide:

Greek Fries, from Food Network Canada
Feta Frites, from Kalofagas – this one has a creamy feta dressing

We’ll come clean and admit that we used frozen fries from Trader Joe’s, but the dish would probably be even better with homemade perfect French fries and baked sweet potato fries. One could also use potatoes cut in cubes or coins.

Actually, we might take back what we said about this being a once-in-awhile treat…

(Image: Emily Ho)