Halloween Treat! Triple Tier Candy Corn Meringues

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve always had a thing for meringues — those soft little pillows of sugar that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. So needless to say, these triple tier beauties literally stopped me in my tracks yesterday. They’re picture perfect for the upcoming holiday and could almost too cute to eat!

Over at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, Kristan has been quite busy. This is her first attempt at meringues (which makes me rather jealous as my first try wasn’t nearly this beautiful).

She’s done a different technique with them and has piped on three different layers. She’s taken a basic meringue recipe and has stacked up the colors to create this ridiculously festive (without being spooky) fall look that’s perfect for your next holiday party or get together.

If you’ve never made meringues, this might be the time to try. We suggest using three different piping bags to accomplish the look when delivering that sugary goodness to your baking sheet.

Get the recipe: Candy Corn Meringues from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen