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Try This! Burnt Onions…Mark-Bittman-Style

updated Jun 5, 2019
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s not every day that we recommend intentionally burning your food! Mark Bittman actually calls onions cooked until they’re tender and slightly charred one of his basic culinary staples. And doesn’t the dish above look perfectly simple and delicious?

To be honest, we’ve done this on accident this plenty of times. We get impatient for caramelized onions, we boost up the heat (even though we know better!), and then we end up with onions like these: tender and sweet strings with crispy edges.

It just never occurred to us to do this on purpose!

As Mark Bittman mentions, these burnt onions go well with any savory dish – honestly, anywhere you’d think of using caramelized onions. We also agree that they’d be excellent mixed in with a bowl of grains and served as a side dish. Or add

some greens

We’ll definitely be trying this (on purpose) soon. What about you?

Burn Those Onions by Mark Bittman

(Image: Mark Bittman)