Try This! A Tomato Tang With Kraut Juice

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Remember that can of stinky kraut juice from yesterday? Well when we turned the can around, the back of the label yielded a recipe all ready to go. The ingredient list was intriguing and so we decided not to fix what wasn’t broken and gave it a go — and man oh man are we glad we did!

This drink feels a bit like a Bloody Mary, but has a certain, how shall we say, funk to it. We did discover that the key to making a successful “Tomato Tang” is to under no circumstances, get any on you in the process. Once it’s on your hands, it’s not a smell that is removed easily (which we didn’t really catch until we tried to partake in a tasty peanut butter sandwich and were overcome with kraut! gah!).

The combination of the kraut juice and tomato, along with a hefty dose of horseradish and other assorted seasonings we happened to throw in there was splendid and took us back to the days we spent living up north in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The one thing we did note is the extreme amount of sodium in each can. As it was mentioned yesterday, it would make a mighty tasty brine for just that reason (and likewise a laxative). Look for a can in the supermarket aisle with cans of kraut or even in the juice aisle, pickles or condiments. Depending on your store, those should be the locations where it’s stocked!