Seasonal Note: Try Fresh Strawberries in Frozen Margaritas

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Maybe Monday morning is a little early to be talking about margaritas, but what the heck. We made frozen margaritas last weekend, and while the margarita is not usually our cocktail of choice, these were pretty fabulous. Our favorite variation was with fresh strawberries…

Most of the recipes for frozen margaritas that we’ve found call for frozen strawberries to replace some of the ice cubes. Others call for commercial strawberry puree – sweetened and flavored.

But we just want to put in a good word for fresh strawberries – so cheap and plentiful right now at the markets. Even the big, pillowy California strawberries are good in margaritas; their tiny crunchy seeds and sweet freshness take the tired old frozen margarita out of restaurant cliché and put it squarely back in our drink rotation.

To make a frozen margarita with strawberries, just add a few cups of ice and a quart or so of fresh strawberries to our margarita recipe below, and whiz in batches in the blender. Happy slurping!

(Images: Flickr member Darwin Bell licensed for use under Creative Commons; Faith Hopler)