Yes, You Should Be Putting Eggs on Your Pizza

Yes, You Should Be Putting Eggs on Your Pizza

Sheela Prakash
Mar 9, 2018

The first time I discovered eggs on pizza was years ago at this hip pizza spot in New York City, within the first few months of moving to the city. My friend and I scratched our heads about it the first time we saw it on the menu, considered it the second time we went, and then finally gave it a shot on our third visit. Now it's one of my favorite things to order when I am there. I am not even just arguing for it as a breakfast or brunch dish — it's totally dinner material too, as it makes something that's already rich and comforting even more so. Sure there's still room for pepperoni and extra cheese, but I really think you should make room for eggs on your pizza too.

Why Putting Eggs on Pizza Is Glorious

Putting eggs on pizza really isn't a whole lot different than eggs on toast, except that toast is chewy crust and there are extras like melty cheese involved. This point alone should make you confident eggs on pizza will be good. No matter how you prepare your eggs, whether scrambled or fried, they always have that umami-rich thing going for them, which is only going to add another element of satisfaction to your pie.

While scrambled eggs work well (they mix with the other toppings and you get some with every bite of sausage and melty mozzarella), I love a fried egg — sunny-side up even more. Slide one or two onto the center of your just-baked pizza (or bake them right on it) and when you slice into it, the soft yolk will break into an unctuous sauce that will only complement the tomato sauce you may already have on there.

If you're still not convinced, then let me argue for health's sake — eggs on pizza makes the pizza more healthful! Well, sort of. Lots of veggies on pizza makes it more wholesome, too, but eggs add affordable protein to the situation, which is never a bad thing. Most importantly, it's just a fun break from the usual — and it's surprisingly pretty darn good.

Have you ever tried eggs on pizza?

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