Truffle Hunting: Dogs Join the Hunt in the U.S.The Oregonian

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As truffles found and cultivated in the United States gradually earn the respect of the culinary world, foragers here are taking a hint from their European counterparts and beginning to enlist the help of dogs. But you don’t have to be a professional with a crew of bloodhounds – you can train just about any dog to help you with a truffle hunt.

The Oregonian reports that this trend is beginning to take hold in the Pacific Northwest where “Oregon” truffles are hunted throughout Northern California, Washington and, of course, Oregon.

Unlike humans, dogs will ignore the scent of unripened truffles and go straight for the good stuff, and you don’t need to have a purebred hunting dog to train them to pick up the scent.

We love this idea, and think it would be fun way for even a hobbyist truffle hunter to spend some quality time with their favorite pooch.

Have you been truffle hunting? Have you tried training your dog to help?