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I Tried TRUFF’s New White Truffle Oil — And It’s Definitely Earned a Spot in My Kitchen Cabinet

published Oct 11, 2022
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I Tried Truff's New White Truffle Oil
Credit: Choya Johnson

When I hear of anything being truffled, I automatically assume it’s going to be really good. In that same breath, however, I also assume it’s going to be equally expensive. While I previously would reserve my tastebuds for truffle-like items for the moments I wanted to treat myself to something nice, when I was introduced to Truff recently, I realized I didn’t have to spend a lot of money to be able to enjoy this pleasure.

While the brand has a number of products for you to dive into — like mayo and a Hidden Valley-infused spicy ranch — the brand’s newest release just may be my favorite of the lot. TRUFF’s White Truffle Oil — which became available for order a few weeks ago — is guaranteed to take any dish you’re creating to the next level for a five-star taste right from the comforts of your home. Don’t believe me? This dish I made proves it.

Credit: Choya Johnson

How to Use Truff’s White Truffle Oil 

There’s really no wrong way to use TRUFF’s White Truffle Oil, but the brand suggests pairing it with white pizza, seafood, potatoes, and more. Since it was my first time trying it though, I opted to use it over a shrimp fettuccine pasta.

Using my Always Pan, I sautéed some peeled and deveined shrimp with salt and pepper, adding TRUFF’s White Truffle Oil over top. After letting the shrimp sizzle for three minutes, I transferred them over to a napkin-lined plate and let my pasta noodles cook per package instruction. Once done, I added both the noodles and shrimp back to the pan, topped it with fresh Parmesan, and heated until the cheese melted. I then plated and finished it off with an additional tablespoon of the White Truffle Oil.

Credit: Choya Johnson

My Honest Review of Truff’s White Truffle Oil 

This was an absolute hit! I really enjoyed the rich flavor that this truffle oil brought to something as simple as pasta. I could actually taste and pinpoint how the dish was made better by one simple additive. TRUFF’s White Truffle Oil has definitely earned a special place on my kitchen shelf and I’m looking forward to testing out other dishes that could possibly benefit from the small addition. Ramen, steak, and mac and cheese all sound like good places to start!