TRUFF Is Hosting a Huge Flash Sale That Includes This Editor-Favorite ‘Secret Ingredient’

published May 15, 2022
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Truff The Works product shot
Credit: Truff

We have a few hot sauce connoisseurs here at Kitchn, which means that we’re always discovering new spicy concoctions to try, including a gourmet serrano pepper sauce to drizzle on eggs and an apple-packed habanero number that livens up boring dinners. And while we love finding different varieties to try, we also can’t beat tried-and-true sauces we’ve been using for years. One brand in particular is TRUFF, the truffle-infused hot sauce that even Oprah approves of, because of its versatility, perfect heat level, and downright amazing umami flavor. Whether you’re also a huge fan or you’ve always wanted to try a bottle, we have great news for you: There’s a huge TRUFF sale happening right now!

Starting today, May 15, and ending tomorrow, May 16, you can take 20 percent off your entire order. It’s a great time to explore TRUFF’s other delicious offerings in addition to the popular hot sauces, such as pasta sauces, oils, and even truffle-infused mayo (which our contributor, Allie, calls her “secret weapon” for elevating any meal). But because it’s a sitewide sale, where should you start? To help you out, we’ve picked out a few items that we think would be the best way to take advantage of this sale — but really, you can’t go wrong with truffle-anything!

To make sure you’re stocked up on your truffle hot sauces, the TRUFF Variety Pack is a great way to go. Inside, you’ll receive three hot sauces, which includes the TRUFF Original Hot Sauce, TRUFF Hotter Sauce, and TRUFF White Hot Sauce. Both the Original and Hotter sauces are made with chili peppers and infused with black truffle oil, while the White Hot Sauce is infused with white truffles (which has even more of that delicious umami flavor). With all three, you’ll have the perfect range of heat and truffle taste for whatever dishes you’re drizzling them on.

If you’re a true heat and truffle lover, then the TRUFF White Hotter Sauce is for you. It packs an extra punch of heat (about three times hotter than the original) and umami flavor that will come through no matter what you put it on, whether nachos, wings, mac and cheese — just about anything. Like the other sauces, there’s also a touch of sweet from agave nectar for the perfect balance.

To really taste all that TRUFF has to offer, you’ll get the full experience with the Truffle Lovers Pack. You’ll receive the Original Hot Sauce as well as the Black Truffle Pomodoro Sauce and a bottle of Black Truffle Oil. The pasta sauce has a blend of ripe tomatoes, herbs, and black truffle as well as chili peppers for a kick. The bottle of truffle oil will become your new go-to finishing oil for just about anything from salads to fries.

Whether beefing up your own pantry or buying a thoughtful gift (you’ll need Father’s Day gift ideas soon enough!), this amazing TRUFF sale is not to be missed. You’ll thank us later!