The Holidays Are About to Get Extra Indulgent Thanks to TRUFF’s Newest Launch

published Nov 1, 2022
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TRUFF Black Truffle Salt
Credit: Emily Finn

If there’s one flavor that makes absolutely any dish better, it’s truffle. The decadent, coveted foodstuff is packed with rich umami flavors and creamy roundness that compliments anything from a simple butter spread on steaming sourdough to a complex homemade pasta dish. And, I don’t think I’m spoiling any secrets when I say that our go-to way to get that luxurious flavor on the daily here at Kitchn is with the stellar products from one of our favorite pantry essentials brand, TRUFF. From truffle mayo to extra spicy truffle-infused hot sauce, TRUFF’s got a delicious, truffle-laden option out there for whatever your condiment of choice may be.

Today, these truffle titans have released an all-new essential that combines the signature umami flavor with the most ubiquitous tabletop item out there: salt. Yup, you read that right, TRUFF has finally released a simple salt that puts “truffle front and center,” no matter what you sprinkle it on. It’s so delicious, versatile, and taste-bud-bursting, you’ll be needing to grab a jar for yourself and just about everyone on your holiday shopping list. So, get ready to order a boatload of this newest truffle-y must-have: Black Truffle Salt.

The 5.3-ounce jar of truffle-infused goodness is a blend of actual truffle bits and both fine and coarse sea salt, which allows it to simultaneously coat the surface of — and penetrate into — whatever it is you sprinkle it on. The little flecks of black truffle provide moments of intense bursts of flavor while also working to continually imbue the entire jar with notes of truffle. It’ll elevate even the simplest meal in a pinch.

Substitute this special stuff for normal salt as you cook; toss it into a bowl of popcorn; sprinkle on top of goat cheese; or add it to some butter for an elevated charcuterie side or butter board. It’d take any mac and cheese to the next level and wow your guests when rubbed into a chicken breast or added to asparagus. But, IMO, you don’t always need to go that far. A sprinkle of this magic dust on a slice of cucumber, a radish, an avocado — even on top of these simple bases, it makes for a mouthful of heaven.

You can (and should) snag this $15 jar on its own for a superb stocking stuffer or to just carry around in your purse for emergencies. Or you can do yourself a big favor and indulge in the Starter Pack (a hot sauce/truffle oil/truffle salt bundle) which makes for the MVP of all gifts — if you make it to the holidays without using it all first yourself, that is.