I Tried Truff’s New Black Truffle-Infused Olive Oil — Here Are My Honest Thoughts

published Apr 23, 2021
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Truff olive oil

When Truff first came onto the market, a few years ago, with a hot sauce made with black truffles, I was interested. (I tried it and loved it, of course, what’s not to love about this perfect partnership?!) And when the brand came out with two types of truffle-infused pasta sauces and two truffle-infused mayos, I made space in my pantry. But these releases did have me scratching my head: Where’s the truffle-infused olive oil? Doesn’t that seem like a no-brainer for a company named Truff?!

Well, I no longer have to wonder. As of today (April 23rd), after years of exploring and experimenting, the brand officially released Truffle Oil. It’s made with real black winter truffles (and olive oil, clearly, and black truffle oil concentrate) and retails for $24.99 for a 6-ounce bottle. I got my hands on a bottle earlier this week and giddily gave it a try.

As any self-respecting writer would do, I busted open a bag of potato chips at 10 a.m. (as soon as the Truff arrived) and poured a few drops onto a chip so that I could give it a try. Not the best option but it was quick and easy. Of course, I gave the opened bottle a sniff first, as I’d argue that the earthy aroma is one of the best reasons to eat anything that’s truffle-flavored. This stuff smells super truffle-y. (Note to Truff: I would definitely buy a truffle-scented candle if you were to make one!) It’s so truffle-y, in fact, that I was worried it’d be overwhelming when I got to the taste test part.

I’m very happy to report that it is not! It’s just the right amount of truffle. Just a hint. The olive oil itself is smooth and buttery, and the truffle shows itself at the end. I also made a little bit of a mess so I used my finger to wipe up the oil that I dripped on the table and got to taste it that way, too. Still perfect!

This stuff is technically a finishing oil, which means you shouldn’t use it to, say, roast a tray of Brussels sprouts. (Although I might!) Rather, you use it to finish something. Since my great Chip Test, I’ve also poured this some of this Truff oil on top of a pile of mac and cheese, a bowl of popcorn, and some scrambled eggs (which, in hindsight, would have been better than my potato chip breakfast). I also have plans to try it on pizza, Trader Joe’s Gnocchi, and French fries. Maybe even vanilla ice cream. (Big plans, I know.)

Do I recommend Truff’s Black Truffle-Infused Olive Oil? Yes! Even for people who think they don’t love truffles! Because, again, I didn’t find it to be too overwhelmingly truffle-y. It does have black flecks in the oil (you have to shake it before each use) but it doesn’t look like a snow globe scene, if that makes sense. Plus, it comes in Truff’s now-iconic geometric bottle so it makes a great gift.

Now I just have one more question: What’s next, people at Truff?! Perhaps that candle?

How would you use this black truffle-infused olive oil?