True or False: Which Cooking Myths Can You Believe?

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True or false: A potato can save a salty soup, boiled veggies lose all their nutrients, and mushrooms should never be cleaned with water. Think you know the answers?

Real Simple sets us straight on these and seven other commonly accepted bits of cooking lore:

Cooking Myths Debunked from Real Simple

Not surprisingly, most myths contain a kernel of truth. The editors tell us that, yes, boiled veggies will lose a lot of their nutrients – but only if they’re boiled to death and even then iron, potassium, and fiber will remain intact. And sure, mushrooms will absorb water if you leave them to soak, but not if you’re just rinsing them quickly.

The biggest surprise for us was that alcohol used in baking or in sauces does not necessarily “cook off” as we’ve always believed. In fact, up to 50% of it can remain!

Take a look at their slide show and tell us which myths took you by surprise!

(Images: Frances Janisch for Real Simple)


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