Reviewers Say This Heavy-Duty Steam Mop Makes Their Homes Feel Cleaner and Fresher (It’s on Sale for $60!)

published Apr 5, 2023
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Credit: Jessica Rapp

Now that dust, pollen, humidity, and mud are more present than ever, keeping your floors in tip-top shape is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, floor-cleaning tool suggestions are abounding on this site, with our editors raving about different types of gadgets beyond the traditional mop or broom. We’re talking floor squeegees, vacuums that work atop both wet and dry surfaces, and plenty more. You might find, however, that it’s good to return to basics every now and then. Thankfully, mops have come a long way from the first shaggy iterations. There are now some pretty high-tech versions out there, mainly in the form of steam mops. Our sister site, Apartment Therapy, even has a list of the best ones, although there are certainly others that are just as worthy of your dollar. The True & Tidy Heavy Duty Steam Mop, for instance, will leave your floors sparkling clean, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

For a limited time, you can shop this lightweight cleaning tool for nearly 60 percent off! The first thing you’ll likely notice about it is that the mop has a slim build and triangular head, which both allow it to easily maneuver under and between furniture and even into tight corners. It’s safe to say that no square inch of dust is safe from its grime-busting pad. Another great feature is that you don’t have to use harsh chemical cleaners with this mop unless you want to. Really, you can just pour water into its built-in filter and eliminate residue via the steam it emits. Even the most stuck-on crumbs will lift away after a couple of quick swipes!

By and large, the heavy-duty steam mop is a favorite among Macy’s customers, and it’s no mystery why. “This steam mop is super easy to use and heats up in seconds!” one reviewer wrote. “I love the convenience of a lightweight mop for quick cleanups where I don’t have to drag out the heavy steam cleaner. The pad is attached with velcro, so I simply remove and throw it in the washer. Couldn’t be easier!” Others also noted that their entire home felt and smelled clean after going through it with the mop. Plus, the two reusable mop heads it comes with are a much more eco-friendly alternative to ones that go in the trash. You’ll also find that the 20-foot cord doesn’t get tangled or prevent you from mopping efficiently. Whichever way you look at it, cleaning with this steam mop really couldn’t be any easier.

Buy: True & Tidy STM-500 Heavy Duty Steam Mop, $59.99 (normally $148.99)