This Sleek Three-Compartment Trash Can Makes Recycling a Cinch (and It’s on Sale!)

published Sep 7, 2023
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Stylish interior of modern kitchen
Credit: Kseniya Ovchinnikova/Getty Images

It took weeks of having a bad trash can in my new apartment to make me realize just how large of an impact it can have on your kitchen. The previous tenants left behind a lidless, shabby plastic bin that we put up with for nearly a month after moving in. I know, the lack of a lid alone should have made it priority number one on my kitchen shopping list, but I kept putting it off, getting things like a cute runner for the kitchen table and art for the walls instead. In the meantime, I kept trying to convince myself that I could put up with the eyesore of a trash can, but on top of functioning poorly, it looked so awful in our adorable kitchen that I knew I couldn’t let it throw off the vibe anymore.

And, to make matters more dire, in addition to putting off buying a new trash bin, my roommates and I also didn’t get a recycling one for just as long. (Instead, we placed some reusable bags as makeshift containers for our used cans, plastic, and cardboard. Yep, it looked just as cluttered as you’d expect.) These days, I’m firmly of the opinion that a multi-functional, sleek-looking trash can is one of the most — if not the most — important items to buy for a new kitchen, and I’ve held that stance ever since I added the SONGMICS 14.4 Gallon Trash Can to my setup.

What is the SONGMICS 14.4 Gallon Trash Can?

This SONGMICS trash can more than gets the job done, with three 4.8-gallon compartments that makes recycling a breeze. Personally, I use two for trash and one for recycling, but you can even choose to designate one for food scraps. And in the case of the latter, each compartment has removable buckets with metal handles for quick disposal.

And in addition to looking super polished and clean in the kitchen, it’s made of rust- and smudge-resistant stainless steel that I have no doubt will hold up for years. Each of the three sections also has its own foot pedal, so you don’t have to worry about touching the lid to throw anything away. 

Credit: Morgan Pryor

Why I Love the SONGMICS 14.4 Gallon Trash Can

First and foremost, this three-section bin has tons of visual appeal. I know this might not be everyone’s first concern, but trust me — unless you have a trash drawer that blends into your cabinets, your eye will be drawn to it for better or for worse. Having your waste bin coordinate with the rest of your appliances and decor is always a good idea. I went with the silver option so it would match my fridge and dishwasher, but the white version has silver sheen and detailing as well, which’ll blend right in. The lids also close softly and quietly after pressing on the foot pedals, which is a huge bonus — there’s nothing as annoying as hearing a huge clang every time you need to throw something away. They close securely, too, and so far, I haven’t noticed any odors escaping. Plus, the pedals are extremely convenient when my hands aren’t free or clean in the kitchen, so it never gets dirty or has any fingerprint marks.

Removing each of the inner buckets on trash day is a breeze with the metal handles, though I will say, the bins are nestled in their compartments snuggly. It’s good for avoiding any food spilling over into the cracks between them, but you definitely want to buy the right size bags so that there isn’t any excess that bunches up toward the top. I’ve been trying to get rid of some old bags that fit the previous trash can, so we’ve had a bit of a struggle with this so far, but once they run out, I’m sure we won’t have a problem. If recycling and aesthetics are an equal priority for you like they are for me, this three-section option is a worthy investment. Not to mention, reviewers love it, too, with its perfect 5-star rating. Don’t make my mistake and underestimate the impact of an equal parts stylish and practical trash can! Once you snag this one for yourself — and you can get it for even less, with the 10 percent discount code SCHOOL — you’ll wish you’d had it all along.

Buy: SONGMICS 14.4 Gallon Trash Can, $106.20 (normally $129.99)