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There’s an Entire Pound of Chocolate in This Stunning Cheesecake and You Deserve It All

published Dec 8, 2021
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someone is holding a bowl of melted chocolate
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Stylist Cyd McDowell

It’s hard to please everyone during the holidays — there’s always some relative who won’t eat pumpkin-flavored desserts, and another one who practically demands apple pie. So Sarah Crawford’s (a.k.a @bromabakery) Triple Chocolate Cheesecake deserves special attention. This indulgent creation is the best of every world, marrying a rich cheesecake with chocolate pie and — hello! — Oreos.

The Triple Chocolate Cheesecake is surprisingly easy to make, with just a 20-minute prep time. You will need an extra dose of patience, though: The recipe notes you must chill your masterpiece overnight after baking it. Sarah includes thorough step-by-step directions, from crushing the Oreo cookies for a crumbly crust, to mixing together a silky ganache topping. She even includes helpful tips in her blog post (who knew overbeating the batter would cause your cheesecake to crack?).

Another great thing about all of Sarah’s recipes is that she includes a helpful “scale up” calculator before the ingredients list: Choose how much cheesecake (or fudgy peppermint brownie cookies, or eggnog cinnamon rolls) you want to bake, and the ingredient amounts automatically update, along with the number of servings.

If there was any question about whether this is a special-occasion dessert, Sarah writes in the Instagram reel promoting the recipe, “Fun fact: this triple chocolate cheesecake has an entire pound of chocolate in it,” followed by the chocolate bar emoji and “speak no evil” monkey. Okay, twist our arms. Sarah’s followers definitely agree that this is a swoon-worthy cake, with comments like, “I would proudly eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” and the short-but-succinct “Obsessed.”

If this decadent chocolate cheesecake is on your holiday wish list, we suggest hitting the grocery store ASAP. The recipe calls for three packages of cream cheese; an item that might be even harder to find than a Tickle Me Elmo doll in 1996. If you can’t find cream cheese but still *need* chocolate, this easy One-Bowl Chocolate Cake may still satisfy your craving. We also have plenty of iconic cookie recipes to get you in a holly-jolly (and sugar-fueled) mood. Of course, you could always just spend the next few hours browsing all of the chocolatey creations on Sarah’s Instagram page. 

Get the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake recipe here.