These Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts Might Be the Best Halloween Prank

published Oct 27, 2016
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(Image credit: Mark Sparrow)

When kids (and some creepy adults) go out trick-or-treating, they ring the doorbell and ask a simple question: “Trick or treat?” You give these costume-laden humans whatever candy you have on hand, avoiding the other outcome all together. But what if there was another option? An option that let you have a treat and a trick at the same time? Oh, it’s possible.

We need to talk about these chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts that have taken over Twitter.

This week @MarkSparrow tweeted out an image of a single Brussels sprout covered in chocolate. He joked that he was going to serve these cruel, yet brilliant candies to trick-or-treaters.

The internet went a little bit nuts over the suggestion, which was obviously a joke. People were outraged that someone would even suggest giving it out as candy. Others wanted to encourage Sparrow on his quest.

My favorite might be this suggestion from @annabert who shared a picture of Brussels sprouts disguised as Ferrero Rocher.

Twitter also suggested more unusual and cruel “sweets” to serve friends and family, including these caramel-covered onions.

A bunch of people on Twitter even said they would consider serving this to kids and adults alike who showed up at their door without a costume. I, for one, hope that nothing like this happens to me at any party I go to this year.