Trendspotting: Carrots Take Center Stage This Fall

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Carrots, the once humble vegetable of school lunches or quick dinner sides, are making a major statement this fall. High-end chefs who might normally feature a nice cut of meat or hand-rolled pastas are featuring heirloom carrots front-and-center on their nightly menus. Perhaps you’ve started seeing different varieties at your farmers market or grocery store. Why the shift in popularity now?

New York Timeswriter Florence Fabricant recently wrote about the resurgence in popularity of this bright root vegetable, stating: “Carrots, those little spark plugs in a salad or a stew, have suddenly become an engine driving restaurant menus.”

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Why now? Largely because they’re familiar, versatile, inexpensive and easy to come by. And with all of the different heirloom varieties available now, chefs are having a ball experimenting with different flavor profiles and color combinations on the plate. As for the rest of us, carrots can be satisfying and nourishing in the home kitchen, too.

How to Prepare Your Carrots:
• Roast: Crisp, Chewy Parmesan Roasted Carrots – Gilt Taste
• Braise: Pan-Braised Carrots with Orange and Rosemary – Leite’s Culinaria
• Grill: Grilled Carrots with Lime and Cilantro – A Couple Cooks

What’s your favorite way to prepare carrots in the fall?