The $9 Kitchen Gadget That Over 30,000 Amazon Shoppers Bought Last Month (It’s a “Masterpiece!”)

published Jul 2, 2024
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spraying a stainless steel skillet with olive oil sprayer
Credit: Sarah Crowley

I’m always a fan of sustainable kitchen swaps. I avoid using disposable water bottles at all costs; my Owala or Stanley go with me everywhere. Instead of tearing off paper towels to clean my counters, I introduced an electric spin scrubber to my cleaning routine, and I’m never going back. I love my reusable silicone bag from Tupperware in place of plastic baggies, and have been meaning to grab a few more sizes.

I could go on, but you get the idea. However, one item I never really thought about replacing before until recently is my nonstick cooking spray. However, once I saw a reusable oil dispenser bottle on my TikTok For You page, I realized that I needed it immediately. Not only does it keep you from buying ready-made sprays, it also looks sleeker and keeps you from wasting any unnecessary oil as you would with a regular bottle, making it last longer. Over 30,000 Amazon shoppers seem to have come to the same conclusion, since they’ve purchased TrendPlain’s Oil Dispenser Bottle in the last month alone. Keep reading to find out more about this “masterpiece” of a product!

What Is the TrendPlain Oil Dispenser and Sprayer?

Available in black, green, white, and yellow, this glass bottle will look 10 times more stylish on your countertop than the cooking spray you’d grab from the store. But more importantly, it’s functional and effective in its design, allowing you to pour and spray. So instead of keeping spray and oil in your cabinet, you just need this one item. The spray nozzle produces a fine mist that comes out at a wide angle, dispensed in portions of 0.15 grams, so you can monitor exactly how much you use. (No more wasting oil, which is especially ideal if you splurge on the higher-dollar bottles.) It’s perfect for coating your pans or topping your salads (or any other dish, really). Plus, you can’t use store-bought cooking spray on your nonstick cookware — it results in a stubborn buildup that’s difficult to remove — so you can use this dispenser as a safe alternative.

Credit: TrendPlain

What Amazon Shoppers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.4/5

“I had previously purchased a more expensive oil sprayer that was battery operated. It was horribly slow and leaked. I took a chance on this one but was skeptical at the cost. I have been pleasantly surprised! It is the best product. It easily sprays your pans in seconds. Or you can pop the top to directly pour the oil. I love it. It works great! No messy leaking or spills. The device far exceeds its cost!” — Amanda Wright

“It works perfectly. Brushing oil on eggplant or zucchini skewed is time-consuming and also not always effective. This fine spray covers everything consistently, and perfectly! I couldn’t be more pleased. Worth every penny. Not complicated to clean or refill either!” — Athina

“I started using oil a few years back instead of the spray cans. I had the misters for a while for my olive oil but they are a pain to keep pumping up, and eventually they quit working. I saw these and hoped they would work better. They didn’t disappoint. They spray but not continuous but that’s OK. Again, another way to not overuse the oil and get it right where you want it. Filling is easy and definitely worth the price I paid.” — Mooms

$9 is a small price to pay for how much this oil dispenser has to offer. Once you make the switch, I doubt you’ll know how you ever went without it. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to grab one while it’s still on sale!

Buy: TrendPlain Oil Dispenser Bottle, $8.99 (normally $9.99)