Kitchen Trends 2012: Juicy Neon Colors

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While wandering through the Housewares show in Chicago this past weekend, one thing was inescapable: NEON COLOR. Subtle earth tones, it was nice knowing you, but you’ve officially been overwhelmed by your brighter, bolder relative. I felt like I’d been whisked (cooking pun intended) into an endless parade of summer—Tangerine bowls! Watermelon water pitchers! Lime-green measuring cups!—where cooking is all about play, not work.

What makes a trend? I’m not going to wax philosophically on the meaning of this colorful culinary trend. (“Last year’s black matte trend was indicative of the country’s concern over the grave state of the economy, while the rebirth of color this year shows a return to optimism, a belief in a brighter future.” – Oh look! I just did.) But I will say this: it’s a lot of fun, and while I am generally a neutrals girl, I may find myself adding a punchy piece or two to my kitchenware.

What do you think?

(Images: Cambria Bold)