Trebuchet Toaster and Precision Pouring: The Brunch

2009_04_07-Brunch.jpg2009_04_07-BrunchThumb.jpgHave you seen interactive designer Ivo Vos’ collection called The Brunch? It includes a “Trebuchet Toaster” that launches your toast in the perfect trajectory, a neurotic placemat that lets you adjust your cutlery to perfectly spaced proportions, and a few other breakfast-related concepts that explore your relationship with food. Take a look!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

• 1 Trebuchet toaster: Ideally, you can set the angle to hit your plate precisely.

• 2 This placemat lets you precisely align your plate and cutlery.

• 3 Slice your bread down to the millimeter.

• 4 The teapot shows you the exact height you are pouring from.

• 5 Creamer and sugar bowl: measure your cream and sugar precisely.

Vos says that this concept collection “celebrates the mundane.” It exalts the extremely mundane actions of breakfast by annotating them with the kind of careful precision usually found in bridge engineering, architecture, or high-tech machines.

What do you think? If these became reality, would you want to slice your bread so precisely?

Read more: The Brunch at Ivo Vos’ website

(Images: Ivo Vos)