Travel Tip: Don’t Forget the Instant Coffee

published Jun 13, 2013
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I know, instant coffee: ick! However, after having more than one afternoon caffeine-withdrawal headache while traveling, I never leave home without it. This especially applies when staying with friends who may not love their morning cup of joe as much as I do. 

I’m not exactly a caffeine addict (isn’t that what caffeine addicts say? Hmm), but one solid cup of coffee in the morning just sets my day off in the right direction. And when the food is unfamiliar and Starbucks isn’t right around the corner, bringing a few single serve packets of instant coffee does the trick. Plus, it’s easy to put together a hot cup without a fuss for you or your host. 

As it’s usually last on my packing list, I prefer the Starbucks single serve packets because they’re sold at Starbucks and convenience stores alike, but a plastic baggie with a few scoops of the jarred stuff works just as well. And if you happen upon a great coffee bar, by all means forgo your imported instant powder and savor the good stuff!

(Image: Megan Gordon)