On Trail Mix and GORP: Are You a Purist?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

On a recent hike with a few friends, the topic of snacks came up. One friend brought a Lara bar, another brought some dried mango. I was unprepared and brought nothing, and all of us lamented the noticeable lack of GORP.

In a post a few years ago on Best Backpack Snacks, we chatted about different trail mixes and hiking snacks. But for anyone who is serious about their GORP (“Good ol’ Raisins and Peanuts”), they take it to mean just that. My boyfriend is one such purist and thinks it’s funny when I doctor mine up with chocolate chunks and cranberries. This turned into a discussion of how many good things come from their more spare original versions. Why couldn’t GORP have its day in the sun, too?

So we wanted to know: what’s in your GORP? Are you more of a purist or do you like to throw in a few extra additions?

(Image: Flickr member bastique licensed under Creative Commons)