I Tried Trader Joe’s New Turkey and Stuffing Potato Chips

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: Joseph Lamour)

In case you hadn’t heard, Trader Joe’s just released a bunch of items for Thanksgiving. And in true Trader Joe’s fashion, there are some weird but delightful-sounding things, including a bag of chips that apparently tastes just like turkey and stuffing. Apparently they were around last year, but I somehow missed the memo (rude).

Now, Thanksgiving might be a couple weeks away, but that wasn’t going to stop me from running over to the grocery store immediately to try these. I took my dad along for the ride because he has the car and I didn’t feel like taking the Metro system (sorry, dad).

Since I was just popping in, my father waited patiently in the car until I came back with my haul. The chips come in at $1.99 per 12-ounce bag (a bag that looked startlingly sparse when I opened it, but the science of that has already been explained).

So, What Do These Chips Taste Like?

“The real science here is in how the seasoning reveals itself. First you taste the turkey, then comes the stuffing,” Tara Miller says on Trader Joe’s website. “If you close your eyes, you’ll swear you can taste the creamy gravy … even as you crunch.” There’s no turkey listed in the ingredients on the back, but there are starches like tapioca and proteins like torula yeast added, so that could contribute to the turkey taste is Miller is referring to.

Are they good? I’m not even gonna delay the obvious: These chips were so good this review was taken in a moving car precisely because I could not wait until I got back to my home. ‘Tis the season for meat on your potato chips, folks. Or something that makes you think you’re actually eating a roasted bird with some very convincing stuffing.

The sage, thyme, celery, parsley, black pepper, and molasses all combine to make a truly delicious chip. Even though turkey might not be an ingredient on the back of the bag (which I would have appreciated since there’s an image of one on the front), they still taste great.

So yes, I think these chips should be sold year-round and offered on game shows as parting gifts. In fact, right in the middle of my writing this post, my mom knocked on my door to get a second handful (she couldn’t wait and I understand). They really are that good.

Have you tried these chips yet? What do you think?