Trader Joe’s Sells Tiny Avocados Now (and They Actually Serve a Purpose)

updated May 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Trader Joe’s)

Trader Joe’s just released the most adorable grocery find: teeny-tiny avocados. Ranging from $2.69 to $2.99, shoppers can get a bag of six miniature Insta-worthy avocados. And while they’re not practical for mass consumption, there are some benefits.

One benefit, for the health-conscious consumer, is portion control. Avocados are a source of healthy fats, but those looking to limit their intake don’t have to measure or stow away half a regular avocado for later, less fresher, consumption. The smaller size means you’re getting your avocado and limiting your intake as well.

A second benefit is that it likely reduces food waste. If you’re one to not inhale an entire avocado, then a smaller size means you don’t have to let some of the fruit go bad.

According to Trader Joe’s:

They’re personal, single-serve, “where have you been all my life”-sized Hass avocados. Every mesh bag contains six of them, six a vocados of just the right size to slice into your salad or smoosh onto your toast. No waste, no wrapping up the other half for another time and hoping it’s still good when you’re ready to eat it.

The best part? Bon Appetit reports the avocados, which are a little larger than a lime, ripen faster than larger, regular-sized avocados. So you don’t have to wait for days for your rock-hard avocado to ripen.

And it’s apparently very normal to grow these smaller fruits. Back in 2013, NPR reported that smaller avocados can grow due to environmental variables like “low rainfall, cool temperatures, and sluggish photosynthesizing.”

Although NPR then reported smaller avocados went for a lower per-pound rate, if consumers love them enough they could end up costing just as much as their larger counterparts.