Trader Joe’s Just Dropped a “Beautiful” $3 Decor Gem, and People Are Buying 2 at a Time

published Mar 21, 2024
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Trader Joe's grocery store in Virginia with sign for we support our black community
Credit: Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

If you’re taking a trip to Trader Joe’s for a grocery run, don’t skip over the plant section this season. While TJ’s is known for selling all kinds of hidden tasty gems, they also offer an extensive selection of flowers and plants at a cheap price point — and their most recent springtime planters are not to be missed. 

Sold at a remarkably low price point of $2.99, Trader Joe’s is selling a few of their signature mini succulents in beautifully crafted white planting pots. The design is a simple, elegant drawing that comes in two different colors: dark blue and teal. These planters are the same prices as their normal mini succulents sold in terra-cotta pots, so if you’re a plant mom or dad looking for something new to add to your collection, snatch one of these up before they’re gone!

If you can’t find one at your local TJ’s, don’t worry; there are a variety of adorably festive spring decor items in the plant section right now. The Spring Foliage Bunny Planter is back on shelves for a limited time at just $6 a pop, featuring assorted plants in — you guessed it — a bunny-shaped porcelain pot. They’re also selling pots of Zygocactus, a spring cactus that enjoys indirect sunlight and comes with your choice of yellow or red buds, as well as these unique Living Stone succulents. If you’re not a plant parent and prefer the simplicity or putting colorful flowers in a vase, Trader Joe’s offers fresh seasonal bouquets for $10 a pop, or buy a $4 bunch of dried lavender that will last much longer than a fresh bouquet. 

Of course, if you’re making a Trader Joe’s run, you might as well stock up on their latest tasty spring groceries, like that mini lemon sheet cake or the brown sugar boba mochi!