Trader Joe’s Just Dropped a New $10 Kitchen Gem, and People Are Buying 2 at a Time

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How often are you burning candles in your home? For me, it’s often. Right now, actually. I always love to have a candle burning as I work to soften up the space and brighten up the room with an incredible smell. I’m constantly on the hunt for new candles to burn, especially if they are scents that are in theme with whatever season we’re currently in. So, of course, it only makes sense that our favorite discount grocer Trader Joe’s delivers with the perfect set of candles with springtime scents at an incredible affordable price. Because Trader Joe’s is all about those low prices!

Trader Joe’s has sold different versions of its Scented Candle Trio over the years, but the most recent scents are the kind of smells you want in your house this spring: Raspberry & Roses, Rhubarb & Bamboo, and Lemon Verbena. Along with their signature scents, the candles have hints of other smells that Trader Joe’s shoppers will love. The Raspberry & Roses Scented Candle has traces of peach, caramel, and musk. The Rhubarb & Bamboo Candle will have orange, rose, and germanium. And the Lemon Verbena has notes of rosewood, germanium, and sweet citrus.

These candles are made with a blend of soy wax, coconut oil, and beeswax, and have a lead-free cotton wick. They are from a Tunisian supplier bringing in springtime fragrances from Grasse, France. The candles are placed in a lidded aluminum tin and can burn for up to 10 hours.

This Scented Candle Trio is only $10, giving you three perfect springtime scents at an affordable price. But be sure to stock up now! These scents are sold for a limited time before Trader Joe’s moves onto a Scented Candle Trio for other seasons, like summer, fall, and winter.

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