Here’s How Trader Joe’s Makes Their Cult-Favorite Scandinavian Swimmers

updated Jul 16, 2019
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Credit: ablokhin/Getty Images

Trader Joe’s official blog, “Dig In” is always full of insider information about new or favorite products, events, and contests, but everyone once in a while, they come through with one of their super cool “Product Stories.” Today’s might just be one of the best, because they documented the making of the hilariously named “Scandinavian Swimmers,” — their colorful take on Swedish Fish.

Factory videos tend to be mesmerizing in general, even when not narrated by an aging ‘90s children’s television star, and the mix of colors and shapes that go into the Scandinavian swimmers takes it up a notch. In this video we get to watch the dolphin-shaped molds fill with blue liquid, while one of the red lobsters from the bag pops up to let us know how long the molds sit (the animation on the film is adorable). A yellow sea horse and orange fish candy explain that the white stuff everywhere is cornstarch. The climax of the film, though, is when all the colors are dumped in together, making a beautiful rainbow of sugar.

After that, they’re bagged and sealed, and sent out into the world. But not before the blog tells us a long-sought secret: what the flavors of each color are. “The flavors are truly out-of-this-ocean!” It explains, in fact quite literally, that none are seafood- flavored. “Each unique shape has its own distinct and delicious flavor: the orange rockfish are orange-flavored; the blue dolphins taste like huckleberry; the yellow sea horses manifest as mango-peach in your mouth; and the red lobsters are berry — not any particular berry, mind you, but all the best berries rolled into one.”