Trader Joe’s Just Launched My New Favorite Chip-Like Snack

updated May 24, 2019
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In an effort to keep up with Trader Joe’s ever-changing snack landscape (for the sake of investigative journalism), I ran to the closest location after we caught wind of their latest release: Corn, Pea, Bean & Quinoa Crisps. (That really rolls off the tongue, right?)

Considering the fact that before today my favorite hexagonal-shaped treat was Post’s Honey-Comb cereal, please take the following information with 7 percent of your daily grain of salt intake. This light and airy snack reminded me (in the best way) of Popcorners, another very ingestible dip vehicle that lacks the grease-factor of a regular corn or potato chip.

(Image credit: Lauren Masur)

The cashier who facilitated my purchase offered her opinion on these as if she KNEW I was traipsing back to work to write about them on the spot. “These are SO good. We all got to try them this morning. I thought they were going to be gross. But they are not!”

I concur. Do not be deterred by the bluntly descriptive list of ingredients that also doubles as the name of this snack. The back of the bag does a little more poetic justice to its contents, saying, “In what could be called a stroke of leguminous luck, we’ve developed Trader Joe’s Corn, Pea, Bean, & Quinoa Crisps. These are hexagonal corn-based puffs, accented with yellow & green split peas, black beans, and white quinoa. They’re spiked with a bit of salt & pepper making them delicious straight from the bag, and delightful in dips and salsas.”

While I only had them plain, I imagine they would be delicious dipped in hummus or, even more excitingly, TJ’s jalapeño artichoke dip (although, I could also eat that stuff just with a spoon). These are far zestier than their name gives them credit for — and would be made even zestier if they came in a Hint of Lime flavor. Hint, hint, Trader Joe’s! Although I guess it’s only a matter of time before TJ’s gives these crisps at least five different flavor punches.

I love that you can actually see some of the main ingredients in the crisp! (Image credit: Lauren Masur)

Perhaps most satisfying is the degree to which these crisps stand up to the standard risks that plague bagged chips. Almost every single honeycomb-shaped cracker in the bag remained intact. Additionally, the bag is more than 3/4 full of said crisps and not a bag of air like other big-box brands are (cough, cough, chip companies).

Have you tried these? What’d you think?