Trader Joe’s Just Leaked Info on 3 New Spices That’ll Hit Stores Soon

updated Oct 14, 2019
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What comes to mind when you think of spices at Trader Joe’s? We’re guessing you said the Everything but the Bagel blend. And that’s top-of-mind for us too. Of course, it’s not the only spice bottle on the shelves. According to the most recent episode of Inside Trader Joe’s, there are usually 25 to 30 different spices on the shelves. “During the holidays you’ll find some more, like obviously you’ll find pumpkin spice and cinnamon and nutmeg and some of the more seasonally relevant ones,” says Jasmine Mkrtchya, the category manager of groceries at Trader Joe’s. “And then in the summertime you’ll find some really interesting grinders, like, we do a South African Smoke; you’ll find a barbecue rub.”

This newest episode is all about spices. And during it, the staffers mentioned three products that will be hitting stores soon. Because it’s not all about the Everything But the Bagel blend (although they do have Everything but the Bagel Potato Chips in the works!).

1. Beyond Your Basic Seasoning Blend Set

Look for this one during the holidays, says Jasmine. “There are four different spices in one box and you won’t be able to find these as standalone products on our shelves now.” We didn’t get much more to go off here, but they mentioned a fiery honey mustard, which Jasmine likes to add to eggs or chicken. “I’ll just add a little bit. I think it adds, like, a little bit of sweetness.”

2. Furikake

Jasmine says we’ll see this in stores before the end of the year. According to Matt Sloan, vice president of marketing, “[Furikake is a classic Japanese seasoning blend consisting mostly of seaweed,” he says. “I know that, for some people, seaweed is an intense experience. I love it. So it’s kind of like those roasted seaweed snacks that we have in a shakable form. It’s amazing on poached eggs and rice.”

Credit: Sheela Prakash

3. Dukkah

When tasked with naming their favorite Trader Joe’s spice, there was a bit of back and forth before ultimately landing on dukkah, which had been in stock previously and is now set to come back in January. Matt says to take green beans and toss them with dukkah and it gives you a whole new version of otherwise boring green beans. “Dukkah is not radically different from Everything but the Bagel,” he says. “I’m going to go out on a limb and [say that] I think dukkah is a better product. I think dukkah is more versatile. It’s less salty, it has more stuff. It has far more interesting flavors.”

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What are your favorite spices to get at Trader Joe’s? Discuss in the comments below!