Trader Joe’s Just Leaked Info on New Spring Items That Are Coming Soon

updated Jan 27, 2020
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Credit: Lauren Masur

“New stuff, new products, things that you weren’t expecting to find. That’s the treasure hunt of going into a Trader Joe’s,” says Matt Sloan, TJ’s “marketing product guy” during the latest episode of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast. And truer words have never been spoken.

In Episode 21, Matt, along with Tara Miller (Director of Words, Phrases, and Clauses), and Alison (Category Manager for candy, cookies, and cereal) give us a behind-the-scenes look at all the things happening at Trader Joe’s in the next few months. Hint: Most of them are chocolate related.

Here are a few new (chocolate-y) items that customers should look out for in the coming months.

1. Almond Beverage-Based “Milk” Chocolate Bar

Due to an increased demand for vegan-friendly items, the TJ’s team is currently developing an almond-beverage-based “milk” chocolate bar. (So instead of being made with real milk, it’s made with almond milk.) According to Tara, it “is still in development but has been approved by the tasting panel.” She admits, “I wouldn’t have known the difference if I hadn’t been told. It just tasted like really creamy chocolate. I feel like our vegan customers are going to absolutely flip for that particular bar.” We can’t wait to give it a try when it hits shelves.

2. Springle Jangle

We predict that the next item on the leaked list is going to fly off shelves: Springle Jangle. “It’s kind of a springy take on Jingle Jangle, so it is pink and yellow drizzled yogurt pretzels, it is Joe-Joe bark (crushed up Joe-Joe cookies with the cream and the cocoa cookies smashed in with chocolate and rolled into a bark and crumbled up). It also has butter toffee peanuts, dark and milk mini PB cups, spring pareils, and pastel candy gems,” says Alison, who invented and named this “very chocolate-centric mix” while on a run. Mark your calendars for a mid- to late-April launch. This sounds like a must-buy.

3. White Chocolate Raspberry Bar

If you’ve heard of ruby (pink) chocolate but haven’t been able to find it, Trader Joe’s has something to fill the void in the meantime. “We have a new chocolate bar that is sort of similar as the ruby chocolate but it’s actually white chocolate with raspberry in it… and it looks like a flower.” This pink specimen is set to grace shelves a few weeks before Valentine’s Day and should last through Mother’s Day for all your gifting needs.

At the end of the podcast, as a special treat, Matt and Tara also announced the 11th Annual Customer Choice Awards. Are you dying to know what wins? We won’t spoil them for you, but check back with Kitchn soon, as we’ll be reporting on all the details.

Which of these are you most excited to try?