The Director of Nutrition at Trader Joe’s Shares Her Favorite Grocery Product

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Everyone has their favorite products at Trader Joe’s, and for most of us it’s probably not the most healthful stuff, like the single bananas. Not even for Sabrina Wildermuth, the director of nutrition for the grocery chain, as she admits on the latest episode of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast.

Episode eight is the holiday foods episode, so it’s full of employees talking about their favorite holiday sweets, hot chocolate, and ice creams. By the time they ask Sabrina to chime in on her favorite grocery product, you might think it would be something low-calorie, with plenty of fiber and protein — but you’d be wrong.

Instead, Sabrina chooses the peppermint bark tin, which she loves so much she eats it all year. “I stock up at the end of the year, so I have peppermint bark for several months and chip away at it.” She confesses to a real soft spot for peppermint products, also nodding to the peppermint pretzel slims.

While she’s dropping into the podcast, she also offers a few tips for holiday eating: “Taste everything!” In fact, tasting everything is what makes this her favorite time of year. She recommends buying what you want to try, then grabbing a bunch of different things to bring to all those parties that spring up every weekend, so that you don’t (oops!) accidentally eat a whole box of cookies yourself. The magic words she suggests, “Hey, share this with me,” don’t seem like anything a good friend would turn down.

It seems impossible that a Director of Nutrition wouldn’t have even a single health food on her favorites list, so she does eventually get to the content everyone was waiting for. Her final recommendation is a vegan option for folks who love stuffing as much as she does (and, let’s be honest, me and you do, too): rice cauliflower stuffing.