Trader Joe’s Pasta Wins a Taste Test New York Magazine

published May 11, 2009
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May the cheapest pasta win! That’s what happened, anyway, when New York convened a panel to sample different store-bought, dried pasta. At 99 cents a pound, TJ’s was the least expensive pasta of the bunch, and it beat out some very fancy brands. Which grocery store staple came in last? Read on…

To be fair, the taste testers (three chefs from very high-end Italian restaurants in New York, plus one actor from the Sopranos) ate dried spaghetti, not the Trader Joe’s Anelletti pasta above, which Faith loves for this recipe: Dinner Quick: Anelletti Pasta with Sausage and Greens.

But we’re confident that TJ’s pasta in any shape would hold its own against other brands. It beat Setaro, which, according to the article, is what many chefs use. It costs $7 for 35 ounces. Maybe restaurants can start cutting costs by shopping at Trader Joe’s instead.

So what mainstream brand came in last? That would be Barilla.

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(Image: Faith Durand)