Trader Joe’s Pantry: Greenwheat Freekeh

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Freekeh? Freaky? We’re not quite sure how this word is pronounced, but regardless, we’re fans. Trader Joe’s recently started carrying these packets of cooked freekeh, and we think they’re a great addition to the pantry – especially when trying to eat light. And what is freekeh, you ask?

Freekeh (also known as farik or frikeh) is an Arab food. It’s made of young green durum wheat that has been harvested while the grains are still soft and full of moisture. They are polished and cracked, which makes them look like their cousins farro, spelt, and bulgur wheat.

This sort of wheat is supposed to be easier to digest, and also very fresh and sweet-tasting. We thought it had a pleasant nuttiness.

The packets at Trader Joe’s have wheat that’s already cooked and moist, ready to microwave for a quick breakfast, or to add into soups and casseroles. For $2.29 a packet, this is a good shortcut to more whole grains. Dried farro or wheat takes a while to cook, and we enjoy having this near to hand.

Have you tried this Greenwheat Freekeh from Trader Joe’s? Watch for a recipe review that includes this as an ingredient, just a little later this afternoon.


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