People in Trader Joe’s Fan Club Are Going Absolutely Bonkers Over These Incredible Serving Trays

updated Nov 18, 2019
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Design: The Kitchn

You know how there seems to be a must-have holiday item every year? In 1983 it was Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. In 1996 it was Tickle Me Elmo. In 2007 it was the iPod Touch. And now, it’s the limited-time-only olive wood serving and cutting boards at Trader Joe’s. At least that’s what it seems like inside the Trader Joe’s fan club on Facebook.

Says one member: “Did I need a large olive wood board that cannot be washed with soap or water, only with olive oil. NO! No, I did not. Did this group make me feel like this was the GREATEST ITEM and I would be missing out on life without it? YES! 1000% and I caved. Bring on the wine and charcuterie.”

“Hundreds of people on the Trader Joe’s Facebook page made me feel like this is the greatest thing since sliced bread,” another member laments.

What’s so great about these boards? Let’s take a look!

First of all, they’re downright gorgeous! There are two sizes (the small sells for $12.99 and the large is $29.99) and no two are identical, which makes picking one out particularly fun … if you can find them. While we’re hearing that some stores have piles and piles of them, it sounds like many stores are selling out on the regular.

“We’re only allowed to order two cases a day, which is only eight boards,” says an insider on Facebook. That’s not very many! In fact, we checked our local store this morning and came up empty-handed. And we haven’t even been able to find a photo of the large boards on Instagram. (Do you have a pic you can share?)

A bit of good news, though: You can find these on eBay. You’ll just have to pay up for them, as savvy sellers are tring to make an extra buck before the holidays.

Buy: Trader Joe’s Olive Wood Boards on eBay

If you’re headed to a TJ’s anytime soon, it’s also worth looking for the Felt Wool Ball Garland ($8.99), which people are also freaking out about.

Have you seen these boards in your local store?