Trader Joe’s Just Leaked Info on 6 New Items (Hopefully) Hitting Shelves Soon

published Feb 28, 2023
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Trader Joe's storefront with graphic shapes
Credit: Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

The people at Trader Joe’s love to tease new product releases. (I’m still keeping an eye out for those chocolate chocolate croissants!) But this week’s episode of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast might just be the most teaser-y of teaser episodes to date.

In the latest episode, hosts Tara Miller and Matt Sloan sit down with eight students — Kian, Maddie, Katherine, Talia, Ana, Jess, Betsy, and Liv — who are members of their high schools’ “fully sanctioned” Trader Joe’s clubs. Of course, they chat about some of the most iconic snacks, desserts, and dinner shortcuts. The group also samples six totally never-before-seen (or publicly discussed) products. These items are so new, the TJ’s tasting panel hasn’t even tried them yet! Here’s everything they tried and what we can all look forward to sampling for ourselves in the near-ish future.

1. Peanut Brittle

It was at least one student’s first time ever having peanut brittle. While they might not have grown up with the crunchy candy, after sampling a few bites it definitely grew on them. Katherine doesn’t love the brittle at first, “but then the aftertaste of peanut butter hits,” which she describes as “so amazing.” Matt also seems skeptical of the name: “Brittle just sounds like it’s like too many dental challenges.” So if (and when!) this sweet treat hits shelves, I expect it’ll be called something like Crunchy Peanutty Candy.

2. Australian Licorice

Next up, inspiration from the land down under. “Licorice is a big deal in Australia,” says Matt. The TJ’s test versions are filled with “a sherbet fizz” and come in “green apple and maybe a raspberry flavor.” Another hit with the students, although Ana and Betsy disagree on one thing — which flavor is the standout. (Ana is team green, Betsy thinks both are good, but the raspberry is “really, really good.”)

3. Banana Mousse Cakes

Similar to the raspberry mousse cakes, these are shaped like a banana and made with banana mousse (TJ’s loves a theme!). And it’s truly a hit with almost all the teens. “This is probably one of my favorite things that we’ve tried so far. It’s very light, very airy. All the textures just go well, very well together,” says Liv. Maddie likes “the inside a lot,” but isn’t 100% on board with the fondant covering the cake. “That’s a good note,” says Matt. Maybe he’ll pass it along to the R&D team?

4. Brookie Clusters

The name of these Trader Joe’s Brookie Clusters remains a work in progress, according to Tara. But the snack is a complete masterpiece. Talia, Katherine, Maddie, Kian, Liv, and Betsy are all in agreement, although many felt calling it a “brookie” (part brownie, part chocolate chip cookie) is misleading. “You’re getting caramel, you’re getting a crunch, but there’s no brownie,” says Maddie. Name aside, it’s already a contender to be featured at a future Trader Joe’s Club meeting, explains Katherine.

5. Shrimp Pops

Finally, we head to the sea and overseas for a sampling of Shrimp Pops, which are inspired by a popular dish in Vietnam. The shrimp appetizers are served on sugarcane sticks and are heated in the air fryer before sampling. There wasn’t a lot of discussion about these (at least that made it to air), but Betsy is a fan!

6. “Shrimp Dumpling-y Spring Rolls”

The second and final appetizer is what Tara calls “a shrimp dumpling-y spring roll in a triangle form.” (I’m guessing this name is also a work in progress.) It too is heated in the air fryer and is the clear favorite between the duo of appetizers. Ana says that “the triangle slapped.” I look forward to doing my own taste test between the two … as soon as they hit shelves.

Which product are you looking forward to trying the most? Let us know in the comments.