7 Not-to-Be-Missed Trader Joe’s Groceries That Hit Shelves This March

published Mar 14, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Design: Kitchn

During every Trader Joe’s run, I get distracted by at least one product I’ve never tried before. While I find that the groceries at Trader Joe’s are more seasonal and thematic during the summer, fall, and winter, this springtime lineup has proved to be equally as intriguing — and with extra staying power, to boot!

Recently, I stopped by my local TJ’s to find out what was new for March and found seven products that piqued my interest. All, IMO, are worth trying this spring and keeping in your pantry or fridge all year round. 

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

1. Organic Low Calorie Lemonade, $3.29 for 32 ounces

When it comes to lemonade, the more sour the better. I was worried this one might sacrifice that tartness, but it proved me wrong. It was refreshing and actually had a more mild sweetness than other lemonades. I mixed it with a shot of gin and homemade lavender syrup for a springtime cocktail. 

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

2. French Chocolate Crêpe Wafer Cookies, $2.99 for 3.52 ounces

With Girl Scout Cookies season in full swing, it’s hard to notice any other cookies. These chocolate wafers, however, caught my eye for their petite size, which make them the ideal snack for an afternoon tea (or iced coffee or cocktails or any beverage, really) with friends. Now, for the taste: The cookies are perfectly crispy, airy, and light and without the overt sweetness of most cookies. I will be going back for a second (and third) box!

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

3. Organic Date Syrup, $3.49 for 6.09 ounces

I’ve never met a syrup I didn’t like, but this date syrup is by far one of the best I’ve ever tried. The cashier said she loved it with tea; I enjoyed it in a homemade margarita, in place of agave. This syrup is quite rich and thick, and tastes exactly like dates. Less is more with this product, as the texture and sweetness can become a little overpowering. 

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

4. Rawhide Free Peanut Butter Flavor Retriever Sticks, $4.79 for 3.5 ounces

Our mini Goldendoodle, Chai, is not a great eater, even when it comes to treats. She’s extremely picky and typically takes her time eating snacks over the course of the day. These peanut butter-flavored snacks, however, are a total hit with Chai — she finished one in just 10 minutes.

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

5. Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, $5.99 for 8.5 ounces

With its strong, fragrant, and almost medicinal scent, balsamic vinegar is one of those ingredients you either love or hate. This balsamic vinegar, however, offers a more tamed approach. The label describes it as having “sweet notes balancing the mild acidity,” and it’s perfect for drizzling atop a caprese salad or mixing with olive oil for a simple-yet-delicious bread dipping oil.

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

6. Rosemary Croissant Croutons, $3.99 for 4.5 ounces

I’m picky with my croutons; once I tried these Rosemary Croissant Croutons, though, there was no going back for me. They are perfectly flaky without being too crunchy or so soft that they disintegrate immediately. The rosemary also gives them a nice herbal flavor. I love them on top of a kale salad with Parmesan.

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

7. Cinna-Dragons Soft & Chewy Gummy Candy, $2.29 for 7 ounces

When I was growing up, my favorite chewing gum was the red, cinnamon flavored kind. I love the combination of sweet sugar with spicy cinnamon, so I knew I was going to love these Cinna-Dragons candies. The flavor is exactly like I remember from childhood (although the consistency is significantly more gooey)! If you love cinnamon and gummies, this bag is for you.

Have you spotted anything great at Trader Joe’s recently? Tell us in the comments below!