Trader Joe’s Just Leaked Info on 9 New Products Hitting Shelves for the Holidays

updated Nov 23, 2020
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Credit: Lauren Masur

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Sure, there’s Thanksgiving, and baking cookies, and gifting presents. But I’m specifically talking about all the new holiday products from Trader Joe’s! In the most recent episode of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast, hosts Tara Miller and Matt Sloan shared a handful of fun things you’ll find at the grocery for right now, including meatballs, hot sauce, and cheese. Let’s take a look at the rest!

1. Maple Espresso Black Tea

To go along with all those cookies during the holidays, you’re going to need a good cup of tea or coffee. But what if you could have both? Like at the same time? Tara says this new coffee-tea hybrid “combines a maple-flavored black tea with ground espresso in a teabag.” She also notes that there isn’t an overwhelming amount of caffeine in this drink, like you might expect (just 20 milligrams of caffeine per cup).

2. The Spectacled Bear

Trader Joe’s is also coming out with a new coffee, which Matt says is “fair-trade organic coffee from San Ignacio in the Cajamarca region of Peru.” The coffee gets its unusual name due to a bear that lives in the area that has specific markings that make it look like it’s wearing glasses. Matt says this is a medium roast.

3. Beef en Croute

This new freezer find could make your weeknight dinners much easier. Tara describes it as a “beef tenderloin topped with mushrooms and wrapped in puff pastry.” All you have to do is take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge the day before you plan on eating it. So, basically no prep work for a classic, fancy-ish meal!

4. Olive-Stuffed Chicken Bites

Matt says these are akin to a breaded meatball, that are then stuffed with manzanilla olives. “You get that great, briny, olive flavor, [in a] chicken meatball,” he explains. You could use them as a holiday appetizer, in a meatball sandwich, or as a sidecar to a classic martini.

5. Truffle Hot Sauce with Black Truffles

“We’ve learned over the last several years, our customers love truffles,” Tara says. “And one of the other things our customers love almost without reservation is hot sauce.” So obviously Trader Joe’s had to put these two loves together! Matt says that the hot sauce is super flavorful, and would be a great addition to mac and cheese.

6. Black Truffle Cashew Pesto Sauce

Matt says that this is ” a wonderful, wonderful, very rich unctuous pesto, again for the truffle lover.” It would be great with roasted potatoes, a simple pasta, or on fish.

7. Chardonnay Toscano Cheese

The different varieties of Toscano Cheese from Trader Joe’s are super popular. And this year, the grocery store is going with a new flavor profile: white wine! The cheese is soaked in Chardonnay. “As you eat through the wedge of this cheese, the outside of the wedge definitely has more of the Chardonnay flavor than the inside of the wedge,” Matt explains.

8. Nøkkelost

Another new cheese to hit Trader Joe’s shelves is Nøkkelost, a Norwegian cheese that Matt describes as a “delicious sort of creamy, bouncy, springy textured Havarti.” It also has a strong cumin flavor due to the inclusion of cumin seeds. He says it would be great in a grilled cheese or a cheese board.

9. Handcrafted Soap Set

Last but not least, there’s a new soap set at Trader Joe’s for the holidays! It’s slab soap with three distinct smells. “There’s a charcoal and tea tree, a lavender eucalyptus, and a coffee soap too that just smells so good,” Matt explains.

Which new holiday item are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.